Iveco. Roll Back Flatbed Wrecker or Wheel Lift Wrecker with Broken Car Carrier for Towing Truck 5ton Optional 4X4 Offroad Awd Integrated Lift 3ton

Iveco. Roll Back Flatbed Wrecker or Wheel Lift Wrecker with Broken Car Carrier for Towing Truck 5ton Optional 4X4 Offroad Awd Integrated Lift 3ton

IVECO.Roll Back Flatbed Wrecker Or Wheel lift Wrecker With Damaged Vehicle Provider For Towing Truck 5Ton 
Optional 4×4 Offroad AWD Integrated Raise 3Ton 

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 4×2 remaining driving or 4×4 offroad

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flat mattress restoration truck


Flat plate wrecker information   

Tech 1 

Main information   
Product Name:   IVECO. Flatbed car Carrier 
IVECO.Tow Truck
IVECO. Wrecker
Itme No.    DRZ5050TQZNJ
Chassis No.    NJ1054AJC
Overall Size   mm 7860×2300×2467(mm)
Total Weight  kg 5200
Curb weight  kg 3505
Cab-by the number  people 3
Method/departure angle    °  22.5/9
Entrance/rear suspension   mm 960/2560
Number of axles   pcs two
Wheelbase   mm 3950
Front / Rear tread   mm 1695/1540
Maximum speed   km/h a hundred twenty five
Tire No.   pcs 6
Tyre Specification   6.50R16LT
Engine information 
Brand    IVECO
Product   SOFIM8140.43S4
Displacement cc 2798
Rated Power kw/hp 95/one hundred thirty
Truck Lifting Capacity kg 3000
Carrier Bed Length m 5.six
Carrier Bed Width m two.7

Tech 2 
Sliding system wrecker tow truck could handing two breakdown or destroyed vehicles at one particular time. the sliding system could make 8° load angle to hauling the car on to the mattress.

Lifting organ Max lifting capacity (kg) 4000
Max lifting top (mm) 3630
Elevate-hoist telescope duration (mm) 1600
Winch ranking pulling potential (kg) 3500
Duration of metal (m) 21
CZPTing organ  Max underneath-hoist helpful size (mm) 1700
Rated beneath-hoist ability (kg) 1450
Complete prolonged max beneath-hoisting capacity (kg) 600
Rated under-pulling capability (kg) 5300
accessories Front Supporting forks 1set, Rear supporting fork 1 established, supporting fork two sets, forked regular two sets

Tech three

3 Ton Iveco. Integrated Wrecker Truck 

Truck Specification
Chassis product DRZ5041TQZN5
Driving Type 4×2 still left driving or 4×4 offroad
Max Speed (km/h) 98
All round dimension(mm) 5400x2000x2300
Mass in doing work buy( kg) 3800
GVW( kg) 4480
Wheelbase(mm) 3310
F/R keep track of base (mm) 1695/1540
F/R overhang (mm) 960/1130
Method/Departure Angel 22.five/12
Tire six.50R16
Clutch One-plate dry diaphragm spring clutch
Steering CZPT steering with electricity help
Equipment box five speed gear box
Bridge Entrance axle 1650kgs
Rear axle 2830kgs
Enging Product SOFIM8140.43S5
Horse energy 130HP
Displacement 2798L
Braking  program Support Brake Compressed air brake
Park Brake CZPT power
Eletric system 24v
Upper-Body  specification
CZPT Below Lift at Rear
Fully Retracted Lifting bodyweight(kg) 3000KGS
Totally Prolong Lifting Excess weight(kg) 1680KGS
Max. Rated towing excess weight(kg) 6495KGS
Max powerful duration of increase(mm) 1520
Extension traveling of boom     (mm) 600
Boom composition
Maximum lifting top(mm) 2700
Completely Retracted Lifting excess weight(kg) 3000
Fully Extended Lifting weight(kg) 600
Extension traveling of hoisting growth(mm) 1540
CZPT winches & steel cables
Type: Planetary kind
Amount (set) one
Max. Pulling energy of winch(kgs) 3000
Length of steel cable(m) 25
Speed of winch (m/min) 3.23
Diameter of winch(cm) 11
CZPT Outriggers
Quantity 2
sort in-created with electrical power elevation &extension
Electrical power get off
Type PTO generate from transmission
Wrecker Operation
Description Panel board comprising joysticks and hydraulic meters installed in a suited area out of crew cabin.
CZPT Program
Description uitable ability equipment pumps for growth movement, telescoping cylinder, power steering and control valves & handle system shall be with sufficient dimensions oil reservoir, integral oil cooler, valves etc.
Basic safety System
Vehicle brake  for winch Automated risk-free brake in situation winch / Motor fall short.
CZPT valves Essential hydraulic force relief & lock valve/ valves

There are 5 typically used wrecker tow truck , typically depending on the sort or size of the recovery wrecker :

1st type : Boom towing truck

– use adjustable arms and winches to retract automobiles from ditches, embankments, or any car that are not able to arrive properly. Some booms are fastened, some weighty rotating racks, hydraulic telescopic tubes, other people. In the earlier growth, trucks used the “hook chain” method, the chain around the frame or axle, and then hoisted by the winch. A weighty rubber pad is connected to the truck and truck so that it can be towed onto other bridges.” Slings and belts are an evolution, replacing elements of chains with rubber belts.  slings did not use way too a lot nowadays because they could shave bumper vehicles. But they are at times used in wrecker accidents provider or have a single or two front wheels or rear wheels missing or pickups and other vehicles have steel bumpers. Geared up with all wheel travel, the truck is towed away, unable to use the machine string, since it can make the auto electrical power transmission system problems.  

Second type :Wheel carry wrecker towing truck  

(also referred to as “glasses”) – from the chain hook strategy to produce a big steel body, can be mounted in the front or rear below the cradle, rendering vehicles by pneumatic or hydraulic hoist can drag the ground very clear front or rear. The device typically picks up the wheel of the car (i.e., front wheel, if it is entrance wheel drive, rear wheel, if it is rear wheel generate), and contacts the tire.   wheel raise wrecker tow truck  are frequent in china cradles are like eyeglasses. Medium and large-duty vans use variations, “underlift” or “chassis raise”, in which the elevator shaft or frame is not the wheel. A forklift truck can be employed as an adapter or a raise chassis.  

3rd kind :Integration towing truck  (also known as “Self Loader wrecker tools“, “Snatcher towing vehicle“, “fast option tow truck” or “roll back wrecker“) – the arm and wheel lift with each other. Utilised of gentle vans to get better or quit autos. Most of the truck’s taxi tools is controlled so that the pickup truck does not depart the truck to join the car.  large vehicles are also made utilizing built-in lifts.

Forth type –Flat plates wrecker truck  (also known as “rolling back again tow truck” or “sliding tow truck“) – the entire back again of the truck is equipped with a bed that can be hydraulically tilted down to the floor, permitting the vehicle to be placed underneath its very own electricity or pulled up by the winch. [nine] due to the fact they carry, fairly than traction autos, it can be completely mounted in the United States, they have critical hurt to car mishaps.

Fifth variety —Lifting platform  wrecker truck the derricks carry the vehicle vertically and use the wheel carry to load it on the bed. In CZPTpe, this auto can eliminate the parallel parking of cars.



Iveco. Roll Back Flatbed Wrecker or Wheel Lift Wrecker with Broken Car Carrier for Towing Truck 5ton Optional 4X4 Offroad Awd Integrated Lift 3ton