Chinese Hydrostatic Crawler Bulldozer Machine Price 150HP Dh13K

Chinese Hydrostatic Crawler Bulldozer Machine Price 150HP Dh13K

Chinese Hydrostatic Crawler Bulldozer equipment Price tag 150Hp DH13K

Product Features                                                                                                                               

Sturdy Power, Higher Effectiveness: 
Weichai Steyr WD10 motor, CZPTi distinctive CZPT performance curve with higher coefficient of torque reserve, and more suitable for the need of hydraulic bulldozers

2 independently developed optional operation modes “dynamic product” and “economic product” are CZPT based mostly on controller system  
three optional modes “higher efficiency”, medium and quickly are for going for walks and steering performancesystem, offer the “good” “standard” and “quickly” three optional modes

A lot more Sensible Composition: 
wider visual vision for driver, larger floor clearance space, greater targeted traffic capacity, a lot more basic safety with optional ROPS cabin

Greater Trustworthiness & Easy Upkeep:
Mature pulleys and observe rollers SD22 set up, tested by market place with far more reliabilityand much less malfunction 
lubricated undercarriage with more time lifestyle service 
more reasonable and standardized wiring harness format for easy maintenance and repair.

Item Parameters

Product DH13K XL DH13K LGP
Overall performance PARAMETERS Operatiing   Fat (kg) 13700(Monitor   frame)/14900(Ripper) 14300(Keep track of   frame)/15300(Winch)
Rated horsepower (kw/hp) 118/158@2200 118/158@2200
Minimal turning radius (mm) 3468 3497/3543
Floor pressure (kpa) forty six.3 35.six
Engine Design FPT   N67 FPT   N67
Emission Tier   4f/Eruo Stage 4 Tier   4f/Eruo Stage 4
Type CZPT   handle,in-line,4-cycles,turbocharged,immediate injection,air-to-air aftercooled CZPT   management,in-line,4-cycles,turbocharged,direct injection,air-to-air aftercooled
No.of cyrs×Bore×stroke (mm×mm) 6×104mm×132mm 6×104mm×132mm
Piston displacement (L) 6.728 six.728
Horsepower/rpm (kw/rpm) 118/2200 118/2200
Maximum torque (N.m/r/min) 750N.m/1500r/min 750N.m/1500r/min
Proportions Size   (mm) 5571(Ripper   not provided) 5571(Ripper   not provided)
Width (mm) 3380 3680
Peak (mm) 3043 3043
Traveling Efficiency Ahead/Reverse   (km/h) ~10 ~10
Gradeability (deg) thirty thirty
Clearance (mm) 360 360
TRANSMISSION Traveling   pump() Variable   displacement piston pump,optimum stream 105ml/r Variable   displacement piston pump,greatest flow 105ml/r
Traveling motor() Variable   displacement piston motor,greatest circulation 165ml/r Variable   displacement piston motor,optimum movement 165ml/r
Pump for oil refill Gear   pump,circulation 40ml/r Equipment   pump,circulation 40ml/r
Coupling Elastic   coupling Elastic   coupling
Last driver one   stage spur gear and 1stage planetary reduction one   stage spur equipment and 1stage planetary reduction
Brake Wet,shut   brake Moist,shut   brake
UNDERCARRIAGE Suspension Oscillating   equalizer bar and pivot shaft Oscillating   equalizer bar and pivot shaft
Monitor gauge (mm) 1930 2150
Shoe width (mm) 560 760/700
Keep track of duration on ground (mm) 2640 2640
Amount of footwear (each facet) forty forty
Pitch (mm) a hundred ninety one hundred ninety
Provider rollers (each facet) two 2
Monitor rollers (every single side) seven 7
Doing work HYDRAULIC System Functioning   hydraulic pump Gear   pump,stream 62.7ml/r Gear   pump,stream 62.7ml/r
PPC pump Gear   pump,stream 10ml/r Gear   pump,circulation 10ml/r
Valve Multi-way   valve Multi-way   valve
Bore of blade raise cyr (mm) φ110 φ110
Bore of blade tilt cyr (mm) φ120 φ120
TANK Capacity Gas   tank capacity (L) 251 251
Functioning hydraulic tank capacity (L) sixty five 65
Transmission hydraulic tank ability (L)
Doing work equipmnet Blade   width (mm) 3380 3680
Blade top (mm) 1120 1120
Blade capacity (m³) three.39 three.sixty nine

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Chinese Hydrostatic Crawler Bulldozer Machine Price 150HP Dh13K