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A slewing drive, commonly referred to as a slewing gear, slewing bearing, worm gear, or worm drive, is a complete, ready-to-install system consisting of a ball or roller slewing bearing, a drive train, and a fully enclosed housing. It can be customized with hydraulic or electric motors, brakes, planetary gearboxes, corrosion protection, and many other options.

Slewing Drive Characteristics

(1) Compact design for space-saving construction
(2) Maximum load capacity in a compact design
(3) Long service life and low maintenance costs
(4) Simple integration into existing applications
(5) Innovative modular structure enables rapid customization
(6) Unique designs that deviate from our standard range can be achieved
(7) Steering systems for particular vehicles and cranes (as wheelset steering gear)

Performance Parameters


Output torque Tilting moment torque Holding torque Axial load Radial load Ratio Backlash Weight
输出转矩 倾覆力矩 保持力矩 轴向承载力 径向承载力 速比 精度 重量
6.5 kN.m 33.9 kN.m 40 kN.m 340 KN 138 KN 61:1 <= 0.17 ° 49Kg
4794 Lbf.ft 25000 Lbf.ft 29500 Lbf.ft 76400 Lbf 31000 Lbf

Slewing Drive Applications

The slewing drive can be widely used for 360° rotation, variable speed, ample torque, smooth transmission, high-precision matching, or compact mechanisms mainly rely on the slewing drive. Its unique solutions and wide applications are as follows:

1. Heavy Duty Gantry Crane
Slewing drives have changed this sector’s traditional paradigm of heavy-duty gantry cranes, significantly reducing operating and maintenance costs. More and more console manufacturers have adopted its effectiveness.

2. Field of aerial work vehicles
The slewing bearing drives the slewing drive, which has developed rapidly and has obvious advantages in this field.

3. Heavy-duty flatbed truck (beam truck)
Due to heavy loads, the double worm slewing drive widely provides ample output torque.

5. Port crane
Conventional hydraulic cylinders are another way to retrofit a slewing bearing while using a slewing drive to meet the load torque.

6. New energy field
With the support of national policies, the prospect of rotary drive in this field is up-and-coming.

We Are Always Improving

Because we began designing and producing our first slewing drive, an optimized layout and improvement program has become ongoing. We make improvements to the processing technology on the shell, minimize the processing value, ensure the stability with the surface, and the manufacturing process on the surface will not be constrained. We have enhanced the sealing scheme on the slewing drive, generating the seal from the slewing drive far more dependable and more acceptable in style. The sealing guarantees high reliability on the slewing drive. It may swiftly and cheaply customize non-standard items for shoppers to meet the different wants of consumers.

Enhanced slewing drive layout, unified and standardized input creation, facilitated the style of various options, reduced manufacturing prices, diminished design complexity, and minimized mistakes. Via repeated optimization of the type and scientific follow-up on the processing technological innovation, the designers assemble and debug in the mature and best style, design idea, and processing technology. Through continuous efforts, we have accumulated wealthy fashion, processing, debugging, and assembly expertise. We can rapidly style options and resolve purchaser difficulties by utilizing a 3D layout software program for modular style and design.

FAQ About Slew Drives

1. What is the prime mover for slew drive?

A: An electric or hydraulic motor is the prime mover for slew drive.

2. Does slew drive requires a brake or not?

A: Depends upon the requirement and application.

3: Where is slew drive used?

A: Slew drive is used for any machine having turning movement. Usually, it is used with slew bearings with internal or external teeth, and the gearbox has a pinion on the output shaft that drives the big gear of the slew bearing.

4. What type of gearbox is used in slew drive?

A: Planetary gearbox is used in slew drive.

5: What kind of braking arrangement is provided for slew drive?

A: Normally, slew drives are electric or hydraulic. The electric type has got shoe type brake or Negative electromagnetic brake on the motor. At the same time, the hydraulic type has got a multidisc hydraulic brake.

6. What type of bearings are used in this slew drive?

A: Spherical or roller bearings are usually used in the slew gearbox output shafts to take care of high radial loading.

7. Which type of pinion is used in the slew drive?
A: Normally, the slew drive has a pinion with a corrected profile to ensure a complete contact pattern with bearing gear.

8. How is backlash adjusted in slew drive?

A: To adjust the backlash between the pinion and slew gear, the gearbox’s mounting is slightly eccentric to adjust the backlash precisely.

9. Slew drive is used for which applications?
A:  Slew drive is used for stacker, ash handling reclaimer, windmill, tower cranes, and excavators.

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