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Welded Metal Chains

Business: CZPT Processing, Auto Clean Conveyor, Forest Goods

At any time-electricity Industry Chain offer you the full variety of welded metal chains including narrow series and wide sequence.This kind of as WH sequence,WR sequence,WDH sequence and WDR series.It is found through the world in lumber mills, paper pulp mills, and any business in which extreme purposes need strength and trustworthiness. Welded Metal Chain is created and manufactured to supply toughness, precision, effect resistance, and put on resistance. This functional chain is created to face up to punishing shock masses and CZPT situations.Each part is engineered to close tolerances.These electrical power transmission product or conveyor component are engineered from special alloy steels with a decrease expense. Our years of expertise supply unique expertise in substance choice, warmth therapy, and chain layout for enhanced chain power and lengthy dress in lifestyle. What this means to you is excellent value and increased productivity. Welded Steel Mill and Drag Chains are obtainable with a assortment of attachments,can satisfy the needs for diversity of diverse manufacturing lines.

Features & Positive aspects: 1.Optional Selectively Induction Hardened (SIH) sidebars accessible. 2.Strong bushings on slim-mill and 1 particular-piece formed barrel on extensive-mill chains. 3.Innovative style attributes are furnished as standard on all chains. 4.Offered with personalized attachment configurations and tough-going through. 5.Heat treatment method and method controls offer consistent wear existence. 6.Selectively Induction Hardened (SIH) pins for unmatched toughness and dress in. 7.36 regular measurements in equally narrow series and vast collection welded steel chain offered. 8.Durable challenging-facing and attachments. 9.The best possible interference fits among pin and sidebar. 10.Cottered & Riveted building accessible.

Chain No.

Pitch p (mm)

Bush Diameter d1
Max (mm)

Dia. of Pin d2
Max (mm)

Chain Route Depth
h1 Max (mm)

Chain Route h2
Max (mm)

Interior Width of Little Conclude
b1 Min (mm)

Outer Width of Little Finish
b2 Max (mm)

Thickness of Website link S(Max)

Breaking Load Q
Min (daN)

W78 66.27 22.90 twelve.70 8 30.00 28.40 28.40 51.00 6.40 9340
W82 78.10 31.50 14.35 33.50 31.80 31.80 50 7.40 6.40 1571
W106 152.40 37.ten 19.113 39.60 38.40 41.20 71.60 9.70 16900
W110 152.40 32.00 19.13 39.60 38.ten 46.70 70 6.50 9.70 16900
W111 100 and 20.90 37.ten 19.thirteen 39.60 38.ten 57.20 80 5.90 9.70 16900
W124 100 and 1.60 37.10 19.13 39.60 38.ten 40 1.20 71.60 9.70 16900
W124H 103.20 41.70 22.30 52.30 50.80 41.20 70 6.50 12.70 27580
W132 153.67 44.70 20 5.40 52.30 50.80 76.20 111.80 12.70 27580

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20 5 35 35-2 35-3 40 1 40 40-2 40-3 50 50-2-50-3 60 60-2 60-3 80 80-2 80-3 100 100-2 100-3 1 hundred 20 1 hundred 20-2 120-3 140 140-2 160 100 and 60-2 180 200
200-2 240
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Bike Chain 410 415 415H 420 420H 428 428H 520 520H 525 525H 530 530H 630 630H
Engine System Chain (Timing Chain) CL04
Self-Lubrication Roller Chain 08BSLR 10BSLR 12BSLR 16BSLR 40SLR 50SLR 60SLR 80SLR
Double Pitch Transmission Chain 208A 208B 210A 210B 212A 212B 216A 216B 220A 220B
2040 2050 2060 2080 2100
Bush Chain P15F-B P20-B P25-B P25F1-B P30F2-B P36-B P40-B P45-B P50-B P55-B P60-B P70-B P80-B
Conveyor Chain Roller Chain With Straight Side Plates (A Sequence) C08A-1-2-3 C10A-1-2-3 C12-1-2-3 C24A-1-2-3 C32A-1-2-3
C35 C40-1-2-3 C50-1-2-3 C80-1-2-3 C100-1-2-3 C120-1-2-3 C140-1-2-3 C160-1-2-3
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C224AH C224AHL C232A C232AL C232AH C232AHL
C2050 C2052 C2060 C2062 C2060H C2080 C2080H C2082 C2082H C2100 C2100H C2102 C2102H C2120 C2120H C2122 C2122H C2160 C2160H C2162
Double Pius Pace Chain BS25-C206B BS25-C208A BS25-C210A BS25-C212A BS30-C206B BS30-C208B BS30-C210B BS30-C212B
Conveyor Chain (M Sequence) M20 M28 M40 M56 M80
Hollow Pin Conveyor Chain (MC Collection) MC28 MC56 MC112 MC224
Conveyor Chain (FV Collection) FV40 FV63 FV90 FV112 FV140
Conveyor Chain (FVT Collection) FVT40 FVT63 FVT90 FVT112 FVT140 FVT180 FVT250 FVT315
Hollow Pin Conveyor Chain (FVC Sequence) FVC63 FVC90 FVC112 FVC140 FVC180 FVC250 FVC315
Conveyor Chain (Z Series) Z40 Z100 Z160 Z300
Conveyor Chain (ZE Sequence) ZE40 ZE100 ZE160 ZE300
Hollow Pin Conveyor Chain (ZC Series) ZC21 ZC40 ZC60 ZC150 ZC300
Hollow Pin Chains 08BHPF 08BHPF5 08BHP9 10BHPF3 10BHPF4 12BHPF2 12BHPF3 16BHPF3 16BHPF4 40HP 08BHPF7 08BHP 50HP 50HPF4 50H-HP 60HP 60HPF1 80HP
80HPF1 80HPF2 80H-HP 80HPF3 80HPF4 HB41.75F5 A2080HP
Welded type cranked link chains WR78 WH78 WR82 WH82 WR106 WH106 WR110 WH110 WR111 WH111 WR124 WH124 WR132 WH132 WR150 WH150 WR155 WH155 WR157 WH157 WR78F5 WH78F4
WH124F1 WH111F1
Palm oil Chains P101.6F2 P152F14 P152F17 P152F29 90R-S P101.6F64 P76.7 P152F31
Sugar mill chains DH9063 DH2198 P152F93K2 P152F78K2 DH 0571 0 DH1796 P152F77-AS2 P203.2F9
Rubber gloves carrier chains P100F155 P100F13 P100F139 P150/90
Lumber conveyor chains 81X 81XH 81XHE 81XHH 81XHS 500R 441.100R
Sharp leading chains 08AF34 08BF21 10AF8 41F6 06BF1 06BF37 08AF41 08BF44 08AF8…
Stainless Metal Chain Stainless Steel Brief Pitch Precision Roller Chain(A Series) 25SS-1 35SS-1 41SS-1 40SS-1 50SS-1 60SS-1 80SS-1 100SS-1 120SS-1
Stainless Metal Brief Pitch Precision Roller Chain(B Sequence) 05BSS-1 06BSS-1 08BSS-1 10BSS-1 12BSS-1 16BSS-1 20BSS-1 24BSS-1
Stainless Metal Roller Chain With Straight Facet Plates C40SS-1 C50SS-1 C60SS-1 C80SS-1 C100SS-1 C120SS-1 C08BSS-1 C10BSS-1 C12BSS-1 C16BSS-1 C20BSS-1 C24BSS-1
Stainless Metal Double Pitch Transmission Chain 2040SS 2050SS 2060SS 2080SS 2100SS 2120SS 208BSS 210BSS 212BSS 216BSS 220BSS 224BSS
Stainless Metal Double Pitch Conveyor Chain C2040SS C2040HSS C208BSS C2050SS C2060SS C2060HSS C2080SS C2080HSS C2100SS C2100HSS C2120SS C2120HSS
Stainless Metal Hollow Pin Chain 08BHFSS 40HPSS 50HPSS 60HPSS 12BHPSS 80HPSS C2040HPSS C2050HPSS C2060HPSS C2080HPSS HB50.8SS
Stainless Steel Double Pitch Hollow Pin Chain C2042HPSS C2052HPSS C2062HPSS C2082HPSS C2042H-HPSS C2052H-HPSS C2062H-HPSS C2082H-HPSS
Lifting Chain Car Parking Chain 12AT-1 16AT-1-2 20AT-1-2-3 24AT-1-2
Leaf Chain LH0822 LH0823 LH571 LH0844 LH0846 LH 0571 LH1571 LH1571 LH1034 LH1044 LH1046 LH1066 LH1088 LH1222 LH1223 LH1234 LH1244 LH1246
LH1266 LH1288
BL422 BL423 BL434 BL444 BL446 BL466 BL488 BL522 BL523 BL534 BL544 BL546 BL566 BL588 BL622 BL623 BL634 BL644 BL646 BL666 BL688
Multile Plate Bearing Pin Chain LF30 MP50F2 MP50.8 MP70F1 MP70F2 MP70F3 MP80F1 MP90F1 MP90F2 MP110F1
Rollerless Lift Chain 45-1 50 5-1 65-1 85-1 1 hundred and 5-1 125-1 100 40 5-1 165-1
Agricultural Chain S Type Steel Agricultural Chain & Attachments S32 S42 S45 S52 S55 S62 S77 S88 A550 A620
C Kind Metal Agricultural Chain with Attachments CA550 CA550/S55 CA555 CA550HD CA550V CA557 CA620 CA2801 38.1R 38.4R 38.4V 38.4VB
Rice Harvester Chain S3558T-48001 S3558T-48002
Drop Cast Chain Sequence Fall Solid Rivetless Chain Imperial: 80H X348 X458 468H X658 X678 678 698 998 9118 S348 S458 S678 S698 S9118, Metric method: XT100 XT160
Forged Removable Chain 55 57 62 70 4 70 8
Metal Removable Chain 20 5 32 32W 50 1 50 2 50 5 60 2
Forged Iron Chain Cast Iron Chain (C Sequence) C55 C55L C77 C188 C188L C102B C111 C131 C132
Forged Iron Chain (H Series) H60 H78 H82 H110
Solid Iron Chain (4 Collection) 462 477 488 4103 720 720S 730
Forged Iron Chain BRH188 BRH188 C188CP C102B-K2 C55A C55B C55D CC600 H78A H78B H130 H138 MC33 103 4103F29 907-E51
Welded chains WR78 WH78 WR82 WH82 WR124 WH124
Forging Hanging Chain X228 X348 X458 X678 698

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Q:What is the toughness of your business?
A:We have a engineer crew,who have properly skilled on products and equipment designs.We can support you to fix the difficulty you satisfy.

Q:How about you good quality?
A:We have our very own prcoessional manufacturing facility and worker,so believe that our items have advange in excess of our competitors.

Q:What is you MOQ?
A:Minimum order quality is 1 piece.

Q:Could you make custom-made item according to your drawing or sample?
A:Indeed.We have abundant expertise in the generation of non-common goods.


Chain+Plastic Bag+ Carton+Wood circumstance( If you have other requirements, we can custom-made according to customer requirements packaging. )

Transport :
1.Most of the normal kinds are in stock which we can send out in 3-10 days soon after inspection and package deal.
2. Customized goods supply time need to be identified according to the quantity.

Payment Terms

We can acknowledge a range of payment.
1) TT, 30% deposit , 70% just before shippment.
2) L/C at sight. (higher financial institution charge, not recommend , but suitable )
3) 1 hundred% Western Union in advance. (specially for air cargo or modest amoun)
4) Little purchase by paypal.

drive chain type

Drive chains are used in a variety of industrial applications. Unlike roller chains, which are more efficient in terms of weight and size, drive chains slide on steel guides. Drive chains are often used for dirty work. Here’s what you need to know about the various types of drive chains. In this article, we’ll look at pin chains, engineered steel chains, bushing roller chains, and timing chains. These types are the most common and the most commonly used.

time chain

There are several factors to consider when deciding which drive chain to buy. What matters is how long the chain will last, as the timing chain will stretch over time. However, they are pre-stretched during manufacture to reduce the risk of stretching. Timing chains can also be noisy compared to toothed belt drives, but rails and chain 10sioners can alleviate this problem. Timing chains also wear slower than belts, reducing repair costs.
Timing chains require little maintenance compared to belt drives. When well lubricated, timing chains require little maintenance. The only maintenance really required is checking the engine oil level and following the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals. Timing chains of drive chains are also safer than belt drives and can be dangerous if the toothed belt tears. Also, the timing chain only needs minor repairs and replacements. Garages can purchase complete timing chain kits that contain all the parts needed for repairs.
Drive chains can be equipped with roller chains or timing chains, depending on the load on the engine. The style of the timing chain depends on the type of motor used. However, the roller chain is the most common choice due to its high strength and NVH properties. The roller chain has 2 tabs pressed into the eyes, and 2 rollers above them. These components work together to improve engine performance.
Many modern vehicles use timing chains. Timing gears synchronize the camshaft and crankshaft so that the valves open and close at the appropriate times. This is critical to the running quality, power output, and fuel consumption of the engine. The timing chain also reduces the amount of pollution emitted by the vehicle. Over the past 2 decades, many OEMs have turned to time chains for OHC/DOHC engines.

pin chain

Steel pivot chains feature open barrels to reduce blocking and material buildup. These chains are designed for power transmission and transportation applications, often used in agricultural applications. They can be custom welded using specialized accessories. These chains can be used in agricultural, industrial and municipal applications. Here’s a closer look at each. Read on to learn about the benefits of steel pivot chains.
The Long Pitch Class 700 Pivot Chain is a versatile chain for conveying and lifting products. Its T-head pins fit snugly so dust doesn’t get into the pin holes. It is also constructed with a closed bearing structure to prevent elongation due to wear. Steel pivot chains are designed for high fatigue applications and are versatile.

Engineering Steel Chain

Engineered steel drive chain provides maximum power transfer while minimizing weight. Engineering chains are often used for tough oil drilling operations. Designed for durability and tight tolerances, these chains can be used in a variety of industrial equipment. Whether you need to lift heavy objects or store a lot of items, engineered steel chains will do the job. Read on to learn more about the benefits of engineering chains.
Engineered steel chains consist of links or pin joints with large gaps between the components. The material of these chains is designed to handle abrasives. While many of these chains are used as conveyors, some are designed for drives. You can find these chains on conveyors, forklifts, bucket elevators, oil rigs and more. To get the most out of them, they should be able to withstand the power produced by the prime mover.
The chain can withstand high 10sile stresses and is ductile enough to withstand fatigue. The center-to-center distance between the chain and sprockets is between 30% and 50% of the pitch. On smaller sprockets, the arc of contact between the teeth and chain must be at least 120 degrees. The resistance of the chain drive depends on the use environment, including vibration, noise, fatigue strength and other factors.
There are many types of engineering steel drive chains, each with a different function. The most commonly used type is the elevator. Its lift mechanism raises and lowers the carriage. Most cranes are attached to the load with hooks. Another type of chain is the oval link. Its links are welded and the sprocket has receivers for each link. It is used in low speed applications for elevators, chain hoists and anchors in offshore operations.

Bushing Roller Chain

Typically, a bushing roller chain as a drive chain consists of 2 link assemblies. The inner link consists of 2 plates held together by 2 sleeves, while the outer link consists of 2 plates connected by pins that pass through the inner link. However, there are some differences between bushing roller chains. The main difference is the type of link and the amount of lubrication required. If you want to learn more about bushing roller chains, keep reading.
While roller chains are generally stronger and more durable than bushing chains, they are not immune to wear. During the driving cycle, they lengthen and undergo a process called articulation. The rate at which they elongate depends on the lubrication and load applied to them. The frequency of pin and bushing articulation is also critical. Like other wear parts, the manufacture of critical wear parts requires close attention to detail to ensure optimum performance. Correct raw material selection, part fabrication, and assembly are key factors in achieving optimum performance. Improperly prepared parts can affect wear life and performance.
Consider your application and load distribution when selecting a bushing roller chain as your drive chain. The length of the chain must be between 30 and 50 times its pitch. The arc of contact between the small sprocket teeth must be at least 120 degrees. The resistance of the drive chain depends on the usage environment, which will determine its fatigue strength and vibration level. It’s a good idea to check the chain length before deciding to replace it.

flat top chain

The TSplus flat top drive chain is the most flexible conveying medium on the market today. They can be connected end-to-end to create extended conveyor lines. The side bend design allows it to be used with a variety of conveyor types including inline, snake, and carousel conveyors. These chains are available in a variety of sizes, ranging in width from 3 feet to 20 feet.
A variety of materials are available for flat-top chains, including steel and plastic. Steel chains are ideal for applications requiring wear resistance. They are sturdy and well made. Plastic chains are particularly durable, but not suitable for harsh environments. Stainless steel flat top chains are suitable for a variety of applications, and some manufacturers make them from stainless steel or even aluminum. If your application requires a durable flat top chain, choose a chain made from iwis hardened stainless steel.
Another type of flat-top drive chain is the side bend chain. Suitable for flexible machinery requiring efficient conveying. It is equipped with a single hinge pin or double hinge pin. Either option will do, but each hinge pin has its advantages. Single hinge pin chains are suitable for smaller light-duty conveyors, while double hinge pins are more suitable for medium and heavy-duty applications.
CZPT is a modular flat top chain conveyor system. Its standardized components and modules can be easily integrated into any production process. And because it’s a single track, you can lengthen or shorten it as needed. Its versatile design makes it compatible with other conveyor systems such as belts and sprockets. This monorail modular design allows system lengths up to 40 meters and is compatible with other conveyor systems.