Z Chain Type Lifting Bucket Conveyor Machine

Z Chain Type Lifting Bucket Conveyor Machine

Z Chain Kind Lifting Bucket CZPT Equipment

The bucket conveyor device is suitable for elevating the resources from a reduced amount to a greater degree, the supplies are conveyed upward in an automated and constant way by means of the vibrating station. In accordance to the processing capacity, the speed can be altered, and the lifting top also  can be picked according to the specifications of the consumers.

Attributes of Bucket CZPT Device
1. Completely enclosed for dust and climate-limited operation
2. The lifting top as asked for
3. Lower driving electrical power, influx feeding, high-quantity hopper
4. Efficiently stay away from the accumulation of merchandise and reduce the breakage of particles
5. Clear functions this sort of as reduced power required, successful inflow feeding or guiding discharge

CZPT manufactured

1 Content of machine frame Carbon metal or stainless metal
2 Feeding inlet Can be outfitted with automatic feeding system
three Discharging port One or several discharging ports

CZPT paremeter

Design ZD-2L ZD-5L
Conveying Capability -6CBM/h -12CBM/h
Operating Pace .18meter/s .18meter/s
Ability for each Bucket 2L 5L
Conveying Height CZPTized CZPTized
Box Dimension 400*600mm 500*750mm

Phots for reference

Doing work basic principle
The buckets have the raw materials from the bottom of device, and raise them to the top with the rotation of chain, switch down after by passing the wheel at the top and throw down the supplies into the acquiring tank. And the bucket elevator usually are enclosed which can avert the dust flying in a mess in the bucket elevator.

It has extensive selection of application with practically no limitation for lifting content kinds and homes. Resources like powder, grain or huge lump could be all applicable. Also its excellent sealing problem could successfully lowers the environmental air pollution. a mess in the bucket elevator.

How to get a single established of Bucket CZPT Machine? Please inform us the following info..
one. What is actually the substance you are likely to deal with
2. What are the physical traits of the materials
   Such as the dimensions, temperature, density, humidity content and so forth
3. What is actually the generating capacity you are heading to obtain
four. What is the lifting height of the elevator (length in between inlet and outlet)

Electronic mail us your specifications, let us propose right design for you…


Z Chain Type Lifting Bucket Conveyor Machine