Kg430 Blasting Hole in Mine Diesel Hydraulic Crawler Mobile Drilling Rig for Sale

Kg430 Blasting Hole in Mine Diesel Hydraulic Crawler Mobile Drilling Rig for Sale

KG430 blasting gap in mine diesel hydraulic crawler cell drilling rig for sale


The KG430 down the gap drill rig for open use is an improved system in compliance with national regulations in diesel-engine emissions. Equipped with Yuchai four-cylinder motor (China three), the drill rig satisfies countrywide standards for emissions and atmosphere. The folding frame track, four-wheel travel and the tramming motor of plunger piston boost the functioning stress and climbing potential.
The expanded pitch and lifting-arm hydraulic cylinder allow it to satisfy the specifications on limiting place. The double rotation motor will increase the rotary toque and revolving velocity, and the lifting oil cylinder and chain are expanded to advertise the lifting pressure and dependability. The thickened profile folder is used for housing, as a result bettering its level of intensity and rigidity and the further ring tends to make managing and lifting practical.

Comment:The KG430H down the gap drill rig for open use is geared up with a dust collector,therefore generating procedure much more surroundings-helpful and reliable


KG collection Blast Hole Drilling Rig for granite are specifically designed drill products, which can be widely utilized for surface area drilling such as quarry, railway design, street building, modest to medium mining operation and and so forth. Large overall performance features higher penetration charge with reduce gas consumption. Compressed air is utilized to function crawler drill hammer for blast holes drilling, bench hole drilling, grout hole drilling, anchor hole drilling and and so forth.


Model KG430 KG430H
Excess weight 5500kg 5700kg
Measurement of drill device 5700X2150X2700mm 5700X2150X2700mm
Rock rigidity f=6-twenty
Diameter of gap Φ90-127mm
Depth of cost-effective drilling 25m
Rotation velocity -90r/min
Rotation torque 3000N·m
Elevate energy 40000N
Feed way oil cylinder-chain
Feed distance 3175mm
Walk pace -two.5Km/h
Grade ability 30°
Ground clearance 500mm
Pitch angle of beam Blow 135°,up50°, complete 185°
Swing angle of beam Left91°,right5°,complete 96°
Pitch angle of drill arm Blow 55°,up15°, complete 70°
Swing angle of drill arm Left45°,right45°,overall 90°
Leveling angle of monitor ±10°
Compensation duration of beam 900mm
Energy YC4DKC4G2-eighty (58KW/2200r/min)
Drill pipe 76X3000mm
Air usage eighteen-21m³/min
Max height of horizontal gap 2900mm
Min top of horizontal gap 750mm

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Kg430 Blasting Hole in Mine Diesel Hydraulic Crawler Mobile Drilling Rig for Sale