Full Automatic 3 in 1 Pet Plastic Bottle Water Filling Machine

Full Automatic 3 in 1 Pet Plastic Bottle Water Filling Machine

Wholesale china manufacturing unit h2o filling equipment

Item description:
The carbonated water filling equipment is utilised in making all kinds of soda drink, delicate drink, carbonated consume, gasoline drink contained in PET bottle.

Major technologies info:

No. Design Ability
Main motor 
Overall Dimension(mm)
(Length X Width X Height )
1 DXGF16-16-5 4000-5000 2.two 2760×2060×2700
2 DXGF16-sixteen-five 4000-5000 2.2 2760×2060×2700
three DXGF24-24-eight 7000-8000 three 2800×2230×2700
4 DXGF32-32-eight ten thousand-12000 four 3550×2650×2700
five DXGF40-forty-10 14000-15000 seven.5 4360×3300×2700
6 DXGF50-fifty-twelve 17000-18000 7.5 4720×3545×2700
7 DXGF60-50-12 17000-18000 11 5700×5050×2700
eight DXGF72-60-15 20000-22000 eleven 6100×5815×2700
nine DXGF70-sixty five-15 22000-24000 11 6565×5815×2700
ten DXGF72-72-eighteen 28000-30000 11 6120×4650×2700

Primary areas: 
Whole carbonated filler: 
–Filling ability:15000BPH 500ml 5000BPH 1500ml 
–Washing,filling, capping can be carried out on the exact same equipment.
–Avaliable to PET bottle from 200-2000ml with identical bottle diameter
–With 4m inlet air conveyor and 6m outlet chain conveyor
–Gentle drink filler is scientific and resonable.
–Soft drink filler appearance is lovely and the purpose is total. The procedure and maintenance is handy. 
— Soft drink filler is controlled by PLC with contact-screen as the interface in between human and machine,filling stage is managed automatically. 
–Comfortable drink filler will be stopped automaticlly when no bottle and bottles cramped wrongly.

Bottle washing portion: 
–With forty washing heads 
–Stainless steel bottle washing clips longlife sapn for use. 
–With large precise bottle washing entire, with typical washing power. 

Our firm generate the flip type bottle clamp, the clamp stuck in the bottleneck to keep away from the screw cap air pollution from bottle rubber clamp. The bottle clamp is produced of stainless steel, sanity and durable.

Bottle filling portion: 
–With 40 heads bottle filling heads
–The soft drink filler adopts advanced technology and NanJing valves, with large filling precision.
–Large filling speed and instantly manage of filling liquid 
–With rotary bearings for greater defense of complete machine
–With a ring liquid tank to promise the filling effect 
–Damped gears are employed for bottle conveying, the sounds is lower and the complete equipment runs easily.

We utilize to computerized filling valve cleaning bottle and cleansing bottle ejection and return travel system, CIP cleansing method is managed by PLC.

Bottle capping element: 
–With twelve capping heads 
–For plastic screw cap 
–With automobile cap lifer, cap sorter, cap loader, cap capper 
–The electrical power of screw capping can be modified CZPT steps.The electrical power of the screw capping can also be mounted.The capps can not be destroyed,the capping is dependable.
–Horizon swirl air electricity caps sorting unit is utilized to avoid damagining the area of caps,and when there is a scarcity of caps in the caps storage tank, an alarm signal will be created and the caps will be fed routinely.

The most sophisticated engineering from Japan and Germany is employed in the style. The gravity fixed liquid surface filling is utilized. The filling is rapidly, the quantity of liquid is precisely managed and the dropping and leakage are averted.
The complete machine is managed by PLC with touch-monitor as the human-device interface. The amount of the drinks in the storage tank can be controlled routinely. The filling and capping will be stopped instantly when there is no bottle. When bottles are cramped wrongly or when caps are not CZPT, the machine can be stopped immediately.
The frequency modifying technological innovation is utilized to alter the operation pace sleeplessly. The generation capability can be shown digitally and can be modified conveniently.

Primary Platform construction

We applied to stainless metal board By way of gap tensile composition completely and outfitted with O design sealing ring to make positive the chance of filter lessen to zero with the bearing pedestal and Supporting shaft and other Straightforward infiltration area.

H2o remedy method part

Use a selection of filter supplies with different pore sizes to get rid of impurities from the h2o by adsorption or blocking.
The more essential one particular of the connected methods is adsorption with activated carbon.
The barrier approach is to move drinking water by means of the filter material, so that the bulky impurities can not move, and then get cleaner h2o.

Bottle blowing machine

PET bottle blow molding equipment is used to blow bottles from PET perform which can be purchased right from the market.
We will support to style the bottle form basing on clients’ requirement just before generating bottle mould. We will propose the preform excess weight basing on the bottle sort.

Labeling machine & Packing machine part

Labeling Machine
1.Whole machine adopt experienced stainless steel and good-quality of aluminum alloy , compact and reasonable fracture, convenient to modify
two. The label roll body of shrinkage movie with adjustable device, hassle-free to adjust in accordance to differ volume label 5″~10″paper tube.
three. Just set up, then can practical for square and round bottle.
4. No need to have of instrument, rotary mechanism is practical to change, apply to various bottle kind.
Shrink wrapping method

  1. Thermal shrink packaging equipment is a new sort of packaging equipment able of substantial-efficiency and ongoing procedure and designed on the foundation of thermal shrinkage house of packaging movie.
  2. It can automatic organize, group, wrap with shrink film one PET beverage bottle or other similar substances, and turn into assembly bundle by heat shrinkage and cold placing. Merchandise packaged in this way will be tied up firmly presenting orderly and good appearance, and will be easy to open.

CZPT technique part
CZPT program is employed to deliver goods such as bottles, boxes, baggage and so on. The conveyor method can be customise basing on distinct necessity.

CZPT sort:

  • CZPT conveyor
  • Turn conveyor
  • Climbing conveyor
  • Multi-rows conveyor
  • Accumulation conveyor
  • CZPTize

Movement chart and layout drawing sample


Full Automatic 3 in 1 Pet Plastic Bottle Water Filling Machine