1.5L Turbo Charger with Inter-Cooler 108kw 16valves for SUV

1.5L Turbo Charger with Inter-Cooler 108kw 16valves for SUV

Major Functions :
E4T15C  motor adopts Transistor controlled ignition (TCI), inline four-cylinder (variety L4), double overhead camshaft (DOHC), 16 valves, timing silent chain, CZPT variable valve timing (DVVT), variable induction program (VIS). 

Design and style

Solid cylinder block
CZPT overhead camshaft
Substantial performance ignition
Equivalent length upturned consumption manifold


Stable and reputable
Lengthy-lived(above one,a hundred and fifty hrs longevity verification)
Very good promoting in American and CZPTpean industry


Low cost
Convenient maintenance
Low cost routine maintenance


Great start off efficiency
Excellent overall performance in torque at lower velocity
Minimal gas use

E4T15C Motor is produced up of Chery and joint investigation and development, with AVL company consists of honeywell turbocharger, berg warner give the timing chain structure, the schaeffler valve-train of several international effectively-known supplier of merchandise, such as the luxury makes and joint enterprise brand names typically employed integrated technology of exhaust manifold and ingestion manifold integrated drinking water cooled chilly equipment, superior technologies, greatest power 108 kw, peak torque of 210 N.m.The largest highlight of this new 1.5t motor lies in the technical optimization of strengthening combustion technique, cooling program, minimizing friction and so on, which can make the thermal effectiveness index get to 37.one%, becoming the winner amongst all engines of Chinese brand names at current.

1.5L Turbo Charger with Inter-Cooler 108kw 16valves for SUV